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Michael Diamond


Michael Diamond is a campaign strategist and political commentator. He has worked on over twenty political campaigns in five provinces. A specialist in grassroots engagement, Michael has helped leverage the power of stakeholders for well-known clients in Canada, the US, and Australia. Michael has been a senior adviser to politicians and political parties across Canada, including the provincial Progressive Conservative Party in Manitoba. He served as the Director of Operations to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in 2010, when he co-chaired the “get out the vote” effort.

Michael is a regular contributor to Canadian media, where he offers his insights on politics and culture. Michael understands what it takes to win – both in political war rooms, and in the kitchen, where he enjoys being an amateur chef.

Greg Kourtoff

Greg is a communications strategist and branding professional. He has worked with a wide variety of public and private sector organizations across Canada. With a passion for technology and the environment, Greg has developed many successful media and government relations campaigns that deliver results for clients. He has been responsible for many roles, including media monitoring and distribution, media and client relations, social media management and graphic/web design.

Greg is known for his ability to provide insightful analysis on current issues and a deep understanding of how to influence a range of audiences. Greg has a bachelor of Political Science from Western University. His past work experience includes working at the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and as the Creative Coordinator at a boutique environmental communications firm. In his spare time, Greg enjoys cooking and finding ways to extend his life.

Thomas Robson

Thomas has worked elections at all levels of government and party leadership campaigns in Ontario and Alberta, and previously volunteered in a Toronto City Councillor's office. Thomas studied at Trinity College, U of T and has held research positions academically for several journals and professors. His opinions on politics, government, and the economy have been published in The Toronto Sun. In his spare time he volunteer coaches basketball teams, and plays squash.

Ben Atkins

Ben Atkins is communications and campaign strategist. He has held communications- and data-oriented roles across the private sector, as well as in Queen’s Park. With a focus on campaign management, Ben was most recently Michael Chong’s National Volunteer Coordinator in the 2016-2017 Conservative Party of Canada leadership race, and has worked in senior roles for the campaigns of several Progressive Conservative Party nominees and candidates in the 2018 Ontario election.

Ben has a track record of success in building and managing commercial, political and academic campaigns and marketing platforms, with an interest and expertise in strategic communications and creative problem solving. In his spare time, he enjoys film, cooking, and practicing his French and Japanese.

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